Monday, February 14, 2011

Product Pictures: QUILTS / BLANKETS

Here are pictures of some of the quilts I have made. I have sewn and quilted dozens of quilts, so I haven't shown all of them here. If there's a pattern or style you'd like, please contact me for a price quote. In addition to the styles here, I also feature t-shirt quilts. These make a great keepsake and use those t-shirts that may be boxed away because of the memories associated with them.

Quilt pricing is as follows:
3-color rag quilt: $35
4-color rag quilt: $45
Oversize receiving blanket: $15
Jumbo 9-patch quilt: $30
T-shirt quilt: Custom, please contact for pricing

3-color rag quilt

3-color raq quilt

4-color rag quilt

Single Irish Chain Baby Quilt

Patchwork Tree Lap Quilt

Toddler Bed Quilt

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