Friday, April 1, 2011

Baby Carrier Wraps

I love babywearing. Both my girls liked being worn, but my youngest really enjoyed it. I had the typical Baby Bjorn carrier, but after she got a little bigger, I just didn't feel like it was secure enough to hold her--especially if I had to bend down. I'd seen the wraps but never used one. I thought I could make one that was functional and pretty. Here's my result. All the wraps I've made have been custom ordered. It's a functional gift for the mom-to-be and can be made to match her theme or decor. I double up the knit wrap portion to provide extra strength and keep it from stretching out. The decorative panel is made with cotton, but can be any washable material. I add a ribbon around the panel just to make it prettier. :) The baby carrier wraps are $25 and come with instructions. Contact me at to place your order!

Crayon Rolls

These crayon rolls were the idea of another friend of mine. She described them to me and asked if I could make them. Of course I could! They're fun for kids to carry 16 crayons easily. Each crayon has a little pocket and then it rolls up and ties. It was very convenient to take on the plane and didn't take up much room. I have a basic design which you'll see most of the rolls below are. There's also a "deluxe" version that has a flap to cover the crayons before you roll it up. I'm happy to make that one as well. It was just fun to experiment. My crayon rolls are $8 for the basic roll or $9 filled with crayons. The deluxe version is $9 or $10 filled with crayons. I also can put a similar type of crayon pocket on other products. I made a cute tote for a little boy and put the crayon pockets on the outside.

Applique T-shirts

The applique t-shirts started as something fun for my daughters for Thanksgiving. My friend had shown me a picture of these cute turkeys and I said "I can make these." After I made my first ones for my girls, I made one to donate to the Pine Creek School auction (along with a flower hair clip and headband).

My next applique shirt is this cute Hello Kitty tank. My youngest daughter's first birthday theme is Hello Kitty, so I thought it would be cute for her to wear a shirt that matches. The applique on this one is only the bow, eyes and nose. The rest of it, I just sewed the outline directly onto the shirt.

These tulip shirts were a custom order for a friend. The design is the same, but the size of the tulip is much different as they're made for a pre-teen girl and a toddler. They turned out so cute, I made extras to sell.

The applique shirts are:

$15 for onesies and toddler/preschool sizes

$20 for size 6 - 14

$25 for adult sizes

I have a few more ideas for designs for both boys and girls that I will be revealing at the Babes in Bozeman Expo on May 21, 2011. If there's anything in particular you want, just email me at