Monday, March 28, 2011


I want to share with you a new product but also one reason why sewing is so fun for me. I had a friend ask me if I could make a petti-romper for her infant daughter. At first, I didn't even know what it was! I knew I could make it, I just needed to come up with a plan. I decided to do a reconstruction on an existing pre-school sized tank top to make the actual romper. My friend wanted the "petti" part to be done in lace (you can also use tulle). I used lace that was already gathered to save myself a step. It's more expensive, but worth the time savings! I deconstructed the tank first, built the shorts with the waistband and had the top separate. I used shorts and a onesie to measure my pieces on the tank to ensure correct sizing. I was able to use the bottom hem of the tank as the bottom hem of the shorts. I then sewed all the lace onto the romper pieces to give it the petti-coat look. I had to take out the stitches on the arm hole ribbing to hide the ends of the lace so it wouldn't be scratchy on the little one. I put lace around each leg of the shorts and continued to the waistband. I placed a ribbon into the waist band before attaching it to the top, again to save myself from having to thread it thru the casing.
The finished petti-romper turned out so cute! The great part about doing a reconstruction is that you can find creative ways to save time. Plus, it is still put together in pieces to allow for the most amount of customization for any future orders.

Petti-rompers start at $35 for infant sizes 0-12m and $40 for sizes up to 5T. Pricing increases from there. Contact me for more information at

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