Monday, March 28, 2011

Just for fun

Spring is here! Ok, it's Montana and we've had a few spring-like days sprinkled in between snowy ones. My oldest daughter has been really into wearing dresses lately. BUT she doesn't have any skirts to wear as separates. I told her we could go to the fabric store and pick some fabrics and I'd make her some skirts. I found this great purple denim (purple is her favorite color) and figured I could create a skirt out of it. I know I could have bought a pattern, but it's so much more fun to make my own. I decided to make a basic flare skirt for her. I made a template for one of the panels and started cutting. Based on her waist size, I cut out 8 panels. I had a zipper in my stash of supplies, so I used it for the back. It had been a while since I "installed" a zipper! Nonetheless, it turned out super cute! After she wore it for a bit, I decided to spice up the skirt just a bit more. I had some leftover lace from the petti-romper that matched the purple denim perfectly. I sewed it on the bottom hem and it made a nice little ruffle. Don't mind the little spots on the front of the skirt. My daughter is the queen of spilling on herself. She only had this skirt on for a half hour and managed to get spots on it. Good thing mom is a whiz at getting spots out of clothes! I wanted to show this skirt as an example of my ability to design something for you. If you can describe it, or show me a picture, chances are I can create it. Just email me at!

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