Friday, April 1, 2011

Crayon Rolls

These crayon rolls were the idea of another friend of mine. She described them to me and asked if I could make them. Of course I could! They're fun for kids to carry 16 crayons easily. Each crayon has a little pocket and then it rolls up and ties. It was very convenient to take on the plane and didn't take up much room. I have a basic design which you'll see most of the rolls below are. There's also a "deluxe" version that has a flap to cover the crayons before you roll it up. I'm happy to make that one as well. It was just fun to experiment. My crayon rolls are $8 for the basic roll or $9 filled with crayons. The deluxe version is $9 or $10 filled with crayons. I also can put a similar type of crayon pocket on other products. I made a cute tote for a little boy and put the crayon pockets on the outside.

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