Friday, April 1, 2011

Baby Carrier Wraps

I love babywearing. Both my girls liked being worn, but my youngest really enjoyed it. I had the typical Baby Bjorn carrier, but after she got a little bigger, I just didn't feel like it was secure enough to hold her--especially if I had to bend down. I'd seen the wraps but never used one. I thought I could make one that was functional and pretty. Here's my result. All the wraps I've made have been custom ordered. It's a functional gift for the mom-to-be and can be made to match her theme or decor. I double up the knit wrap portion to provide extra strength and keep it from stretching out. The decorative panel is made with cotton, but can be any washable material. I add a ribbon around the panel just to make it prettier. :) The baby carrier wraps are $25 and come with instructions. Contact me at to place your order!

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